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My name is Delphine, I live in the French Riviera in France and I have been teaching French and English online for 3 years now. I have already gotten more than 20 learners from 4 years old to 60.

French is my mother tongue. I learned to speak English thanks to my studies in an International English School in New Zealand in 2010. I have been speaking English for over 10 years. Traveler and adventurer, I traveled the world in 2018-2019 accompanied by my son for whom, I insured his schooling all year long. I passed the TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) in February 2020, which allowed me to acquire accurate teaching skills and a modern methodology. I am passionate about foreign languages therefore, I can also speak Italian, Spanish and a bit of Japanese. I am a self-taught teacher, I read and learn on a regular basis, trying to become the best version of myself and to give you the best teaching experience you will ever have.

Some of you may think that being a French, English teacher is not relevant, but; I can ensure that it is! I used to be a terrible student and my English was aweful, I could barely introduce myself!
I used to make mistakes and I know what kind of troubles a student will face during his learning.

I am looking forward to meeting you. If you’re still hesitating, please, feel free to contact me, let’s have a conversation together!